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Temporary & Permanent
Modular Solutions

Modular construction is a smart, innovative and cost-effective solution for projects that require an accelerated schedule, have a limited lifespan, or are located in a remote location. Whether your project will be temporary or permanent modular depends on its scheduling requirements, duration, longevity, and desired materials.

Temporary modular structures are typically
• single level
• shorter in lifespan, are single-level
• can be installed in as little as 30 days
• and are relocatable for future projects

Because of their temporary nature, the build is focused on functionality rather than custom design or aesthetics.

Permanent modular structures typically serve projects with a longer lifespan. They typically
• take longer to build
• are fastened to a durable foundation, such as concrete or piling
• can span multiple levels
• may be finished with more traditional architectural details and custom-design elements.

Both methods are high-quality, ecologically friendly, and efficient building solutions, with more than 50% of construction occurring off-site, where units are manufactured or renovated in a controlled environment.

The manufacturing of units in a controlled setting minimizes weather delays and mitigates construction noise. Community disruption (e.g. traffic, noise) is significantly reduced, and on-site project groundwork can be completed simultaneously.

Remote Workforce Accommodations
Remote Workforce Accommodations

We provide quality turnkey workforce housing solutions regardless of location, geography, or physical distance.

Our expertise ranges from initial site preparation to overseeing logistics and transportation, as well as the installation of utilities and essential support services.

Through our experience, we can help design, supply and install all remote site services, including sanitary treatment, potable water well installation and treatment, propane heating systems, electrical distribution and telecommunications.

Modular Supportive Housing (Single & Multi-Storey)
Supportive Housing

We provide smart, efficient, and reliable housing solutions to improve the lives of those who will call it home.

Through project partnerships with government organizations and Indigenous communities, we have helped vulnerable individuals find housing assistance throughout the province. Backed by over a decade of experience, our team handles every aspect of project design, permitting, construction, and installation in both remote and urban locations.

Tasu is committed to fostering relationships with governing bodies, community associations, and Indigenous peoples to meet all stakeholder needs.

Emergency Response Centres
Emergency Response Centres

We can install temporary Emergency Response Centres (ERCs) in the most challenging environments during natural disasters, housing crises or other unforeseen circumstances.

We provide temporary housing and other facilities to support community disaster relief, with flexible solutions for building occupancy and configuration. With an established network of suppliers, contractors, and consultants, our construction team takes a leadership role in project design, permitting, site planning, and installation. Our expert and nimble team is experienced in quickly mobilizing the necessary resources and assets for time-sensitive projects.

Other Housing Facilities
Other Housing Facilities

Flexible, affordable modular solutions for any project.

Whether it’s a remote location or within a busy urban center, modular construction is a viable option for schools, medical facilities, offices, staff housing, single-family premanufactured homes or numerous other structures.

Let us bring your project to life.