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Effective Multi-Phased

Our multi-phased process ensures that all key project stages are completed with a high level of care and attention.

Combining an experienced team of professionals with a broad range of capabilities and a cohesive approach that drives value, we provide innovative construction solutions that are efficient and cost-effective.

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering team works closely with you through the pre-construction phase to develop a plan that meets your operational goals and timelines. We can advise on the best design solutions for your project based on it’s required capacity, duration, location, climate, pre-existing infrastructure, and purpose. We’ll provide a proposed list of camp equipment along with all modular designs and layouts, engineered stamped plans and drawings.

Project Management

Every modular housing project we design is supported by detailed cost and timeline estimates, considering all planning, logistical, equipment and installation requirements. We review and manage all municipal, civil, and building code requirements for any urban project, and comply with all environmental and permit regulations related to remote projects.

We provide ongoing, transparent communication with consultants, municipalities, community groups, and industry professionals to ensure we meet all safety, environmental, and operational goals to sustainably advance your project.

Transportation & Logistics

With a long history of building modular housing facilities remotely, we have developed an industry-leading supply management team with an established network of reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and carriers. We can coordinate all transportation and associated permits by land, water or air, as well as on or off-site storage, to ensure all supplies, materials, and equipment arrive to site safely and according to schedule.

Site Installation

We manage all site preparation, including associated surveys, earthwork, grading, gravel placement, foundation setting, perimeter fencing, access roads and drainage. Following site preparation, we erect and install all modular units and supporting infrastructure. We’ll provide a Project Quality Plan to ensure all services, materials, and components fully conform to the requirements specified in the contract.

Utilities & Support Systems

Every housing project is unique, with a different configuration of utilities and support system requirements. We manage the supply and connection of all utilities, including power generation, sewage treatment, potable water, fire safety systems, and waste management, along with all associated testing and permits. Depending on the project’s needs, we can also provide additional support systems such as fuel supply, communications, wildlife control, and security.

Equipment Sales & Leasing

We provide equipment sales and leasing for a wide selection of construction and site equipment, including Type 1-3 septic and water treatment facilities, power generation and distribution equipment, and portable infrastructure systems such as satellite and wireless networks. Our network of dedicated suppliers provides the most effective and reliable solutions to meet your project needs.